International Projects and Online Activities in Collaboration with Webheads

WKTO EJ19 International Project

EJ19 Journal

Academic Writing with Dr. Elizabeth Hanson-Smith

Let's get physical! An online conference with Arnold Muhren and Dafne Gonzales on TPR and other kinesthetically based language learning activities

     This is the page prepared by Arnold and Daf that contains their lecture notes and reading materials:

Telling True Stories: An Online Event with Susanne Nyrop and Renata Suzuki

Blended Learning Activities

"What's in a Name?" with Webheads and other projects

Total Physical Response with Arnold Muhren (NKFUST's Listening/Speaking Class) SY 2002-2003

"Fear of Being Too Good" a project with Michael Coghlan (NKFUST's Listening/Speaking Class)

BelNATE-IATEFL Conference 'Teaching English as a World Language in the Information Age' (November 3 - 5, 2004)

The recordings of these sessions can be found at:

To access the recordings, click on 'Enter Now'

TESOL, PCI 2004 Pre-Conference Institute - Enhancing online communities with voice and webcams

Photos courtesy of Chris Jones,

Photos courtesy of Teresa d'Eca

Photos courtesy of Buthaina Al Othman

ED Media Conference: Blending the Right Tools

TESOL 2003 Conference: CMC and Webheads: Hand in Hand in Education without Borders

Webheads Online

Wen Shan Conference

Aiden Yeh (a webhead in Taiwan) joins EFL teachers from Mongolia

Death Penalty (NKFUST's Listening/Speaking Class)

/aiden yeh

Ph.D Candidate

University of Birmingham

Lecturer, Wen Zao Ursuline College of Languages, Taiwan


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