Want a break from the competitions?
Want a competition of your own?
In a fun environment close to the city (10 minutes from the Dancing Venue), the City of Adelaide Golf Links has offered us a clear course from 10am. This would be on the Wednesday (October 3)
If we get enough people, they have recommended an ambrose style event. Basically everyone hits off from wherever the best shot lands – so if you are only a beginner you’ll still have lots of fun. We’ll also have a trophy for the winners! After the golf, the Daniel O’Connell Pub in North Adelaide (3 minutes drive) has offered us a lunch deal, how’s this sound –
Wedges, Sandwiches, Home made Beef and Guiness Pies and a Pint of Guiness For $10 a head!!
Following is a survey form with all the relevant details, Please fill in as soon as you can, as we need to give notice of expected numbers by August 30th 2001.
Golf - 
$15.60 per person
Golf Club Hire - 
$15.00 per person
Walk Buggie - 
$3.50 per person

Your Information:

Male   Female  (Circle one)
Fill out if you need to hire clubs:
Left Handed Yes No
Right Handed Yes No
Need Buggie
Yes No
Lunch at Daniel O’Connell
Yes No
You will need to bring your golf shoes (or suitable flat soled sneakers)
Golf balls are available for $4.50 or $2.00 second hand.
Please e-mail back to [email protected] or fax information to 08 8373 3035 (attention Paul Rogers)

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