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Sub-Minor Girls (8&under) Tanya Cunningham (Currie NSW) Tanya Cunningham (Currie NSW) Louise Hanaphy (Cosgriff Vic) Michelle Egan (Walton NSW) Jodie Hollis (Walton NSW) Cassandra Halloran (Halloran NSW) Amanda Murray (McAleer Vic)
Minor Girls 9 Years Catherine Cunningham (Aisling NSW)
Minor Girls 10 Years Alison Hajduk  (Aisling NSW)
Junior Girls 11 Years Talicia Williams (Halloran NSW)
Junior Girls 12 Years Lara Upton (WA Academy WA)
Intermediate Girls 13 Years Cassandra Halloran (Halloran NSW)
Intermediate Girls 14 Years Angela Perry  (Dwyer/Whelan NSW)
Senior Girls 15 Years Nicole Zepcevski (Aisling NSW)
Senior Girls 16 Years Jessica Lewis (Dwyer/Whelan NSW)
Junior Ladies 17 & 18 Years Kristen Knox (Halloran NSW)
Ladies 19 & 20 Years 1T  Katie  McGrath (Currie NSW)
1T  Heather  Russell (WA Academy WA)
1T  Michelle  Wicking (Cosgriff Vic)
Senior Ladies 21+ Years Michelle  Williams (Williams Qld)

Sub-Minor Boys (8&under) Gareth Chow  (Dwyer/Whelan NSW)
Minor Boys 9 & 10 Years Shaun Higgins  (Ku-ring-gai NSW)
Junior Boys 11 & 12 Years Dermot Doyle  (Aisling NSW)
Intermediate Boys 13 & 14 Yrs Jason Oremus (Aisling NSW)
Senior Boys 15 & 16 Yrs Craig Ashurst (Mulcahy Vic)
Junior Men 17 & 18 Yrs Adrian Walker (Watkins Qld)
Men 19 & 20 Yrs Ross Dowling (Lynagh Qld)
Senior Men 21+ Years Mark  McKeown (Kerry SA)


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