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This is a quick'n'dirty home page thrown together because I'm abroad and my main website ( has run off the end of it's lease.
It'll be back when I can find time in the right country to do something about it.

And TODAY is the day!

And BTW, I picked up an account on Blogger too

Main page. This used to be the main page of my site. I've still got the files, but haven't re-hosted them yet.
KGB mountaineering club Myself and several friends go hill-waking sometimes. (RE-loaded 2005-03-09)
Name: Aidan Karley
Email: [email protected]

Curriculum Vitae:

PDF version of my CV (100kb)

Useful links:

PDF image of a well-log drilled offshore Tanzania, in the early 1970s.



I was sent to work on a desert island in Febuary 2004. Seriously!

See, I told you so!

Life could be worse.


I introduced Granddad Karl to the gentle sport of speleology a few years ago.

Karl died peacefully at home in December 2004.

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