BlackHand Leathers




BlackHand leathers is my “business”.  I mainly do custom work, anything from accessories to armor.  Although I do not currently sell as a merchant or sell online, I occasionally sell my things on Ebay.  The photos below are just a few of my wares.  I do some consignment, and am willing to take special orders, if the inquiries are serious.



SCA Rapier Marshals badge


SCA Heavy Marshals badge                          


SCA Red Company badge


Custom Bottle 1


Custom Bottle 2


12 oz. “Pear” Bottle


12 oz. “Pouch” Bottle


Various hair holders


My most popular hair holder


Leather Journal


Custom Sheath                        


Custom Gorget


Custom Gorget for my student


My Leather Lamellar armor Front and Back


Middle Kingdom Rapier champions Gorget







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