Pyramid Solitaire
I created this little solitaire game for fun. I hope you get as much enjoyment playing it as I did creating it. I'm distributing it as freeware--download it, use it, give it to your friends!

Pyramid is a popular solitaire card game. When a game begins, the program will shuffle the deck and lay out 28 cards, face up, in a pyramid pattern.
Click here for a screenshot. The remaining cards are placed in the stock, face down. Two discard piles, next to the stock, begin the game empty.

Click on pairs of available cards whose ranks add to 13 (e.g., 5+8, or A+Q). Available cards are those not overlapped by other cards. Jacks count as 11, Queens as 12, and Kings as 13. Kings may be discarded singly via a click.

Cards may be turned up from the stock, one at a time, and placed on the discard piles by clicking on the stock. Both stock cards are available for play. When the stock has been emptied, you may redeal by clicking on it again. Discards are then picked up and turned over to refill the stock. You may redeal the stock once.

The goal is to discard all the cards in the pyramid. You'll receive a point each time you click on a pair of cards adding to 13 (or a King). 

If you discard the entire pyramid, a new pyramid will be dealt and you will once again be allowed to go through the stock twice before the game ends.

To use the software, simply download the file from the link on the right, unzip the file (it contains only one file, Pyramid.exe), double click Pyramid.exe, and play! To delete the program, delete Pyramid.exe and the created config.ini file. Pyramid will not add any additional files to your hard drive, nor place any entries in your registry.

If you like the game, or have friendly suggestions for me, please feel free to contact me at [email protected].
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Pyramid Solitaire
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Alan Colburn
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