Past Events


April 13th: "PE Night - An evening all about the PE Exam" Our own Ariel Czermerinski along with Sal Galetta and Tom Szekely spoke about what it takes to become a licensed professional engineer as well as the importance of the idea of the professional engineer.

February 24th: Engineers Week Celebration sponsored by the Metropolitan Engineering Societies Council. This year's keynote speaker is Dr. James Yardley, director of the Nano-Science Center at Columbia University. His lecture is titled, "Nano-Science and Technology - Past, Present and Future".

January 10th: Dr. Herbert Cooper speaking on, "A Mega World-wide Energy Interruption: Can it Happen? What Would the Impact Be? How can Your Company Prepare?" The presentation focuses on the current United States and international energy situation. Specifically targeting immediate credible threats, the presentation offers suggestions for industrial companies to implement immediately.

December 16th: Keynote speaker Mr. Conrad Milster, the chief engineer at Pratt Institute's power plant, will be giving a lecture titled, "The Development of Marine Propulsion from the Paddle Wheel to Motorships". This is a joint meeting with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). Ukranian East Restaurant, 5:30 PM.





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