Name: Mirza Ahtasham Ahmad
D.O.B: June 23rd, 1982
N.I.C #: 33201-1697133-7
Cell #: (92 321) 4430382
Skype ID: Ahtasham82
E-mail: [email protected]
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To find a position in a corporation recognized in its field and industry, to gain work experience and improve work ethics, and to apply academic knowledge to practical models and situations.

Highlights of Technical Qualifications:

• 4 years work experience of Web Development in LAMP/WAMP Architecture and ASP 3.0
1.5+ Years of full time office job experience (Apr 2006 till date)
2+ Years of Freelance development experience (Dec 2003 till Apr 2006) during BCS program.

• Experience working on RedHat, FC4, FC5, FC6, FC7, FREE BSD 6.1, 6.2 etc.
• Experience of working independently on projects from scratch to finish.
• Worked on AJAX, SAJAX and XAJAX Frameworks.
• Worked on SMARTY, CAKE and SYMPHONY Framework
• Worked on open source project customization.
• Good in Use Cases writing.
• Good in System Analysis and Design.
• Good in OOP Concepts
• Good in Data Modeling and Normalization Concepts.
• Good in Application and Database Design Concepts.
• Good concepts of Cursors, Procedures, Triggers, Locking
• Knowledge of SEO.
• Worked on JAVA Threads, Exceptions, RMI, Sockets, JDBC, File handling
• Developed Inventory system in VB 6 and Crystal Reports 9

Highly Skilled in:

PHP/MYSQL, AJAX, Smarty Templates, PEAR, MVC Design Patterns, Template based systems, DB Management and Administration Concepts, Creating Use Cases , ASP 3.0, OOP, Java Core, Threads, Exception Handling, Java RMI, Sockets.

Professional Experience:

» Working as a Senior Software Engineer at NextBridge Pvt. Ltd. (Aug 2006 - Current)
» Worked as a Web Developer at NexGen Technologies (April 2006 – Jul 2006)

Web Projects:

(90% of projects listed below are completely developed by me from scratch to end)

• www.firstreleasehomes.com A Real Estate website in (PHP/MYSQL)
• www.caribbeanweddings.com (SMARTY TEMPLATE)
• http://www.armenianpassion.com (PHP/MYSQL)
• www.yukonleather.com Zen Cart Shopping cart implementation with amendments.
• www.multitablepro.com An online poker tournament portal in (PHP/MYSQL)
• www.snatchmycandy.com A shopping cart website in (PHP/MYSQL)
• www.organicvideos.com A shopping cart website in (PHP/MYSQL)
• www.sumbody.com A shopping cart website in (PHP/MYSQL)
• www.noriskorobligation.com A Real Estate website in (PHP/MYSQL)
• http://www.photobylevi.com (PHP/MYSQL)
• http://www.hrphotos.com (PHP/MYSQL)
• http://www.hostingyellowpages.com (PHP/MYSQL)
• http://www.thepodvod.com A Music sharing website in (PHP/MYSQL)
• http://www.uofinfo.com/uofinfo/index.php (PHP NUKE CMS)
• http://www.AdvancedAquarium.net (PHP/MYSQL)
• http://www.brokerkey.com A loan/broker website in (PHP/MYSQL)
• http://www.cabrillotechnologies.com (PHP/MYSQL)
• http://www.kerziehomes.com A Real Estate website in (PHP/MYSQL)
• http://www.marketforwriters.com (PHP/MYSQL)
• http://www.pattyhendrickson.com (PHP/MYSQL)
• http://www.dubooks.com (PHP/MYSQL)
• http://www.bowermaster.com (ASP/MS ACCESS)
• www.quickval.com (ASP3.0 / MS ACCESS)
• www.VisualBuilder.com (ASP/MS SQL SERVER 2000)

• Personal Injury: A UK intranet based project involving interaction between Insurance Company and Solicitor firms and handling of different insurance cases.
(CRUD Details of Cases / reports). (PHP/MYSQL)

• Cashier System: An intranet based project involving sale of different items inserted by different cashiers. It also includes handling of customers’ details, item details, expenses detail, Reports of expenses, Sales, Profit etc.
• Clinical Negliciance: A UK intranet based project involving interaction between Insurance Company and Solicitor Firms. (PHP/MYSQL)

Java Projects:

• Chat Server: Implemented using JAVA RMI similar to MIRC Chat Server
• File Transfer Server: Implemented using JAVA RMI and SOCKETS. Files are transferred
From one NODE to another via direct connection with SOCKETS. The RMI FILE SERVER makes the connection after a file is selected after searching in the list at the server by a CLIENT. MS ACCESS is used to maintain the list of files at the server connectivity is made by JDBC.
• Student Record System: Implemented using file handling. It is a simple and small project to maintain student records.
• Address Book: Implemented using File handling. In this project we can maintain our address book through adding, modifying or deleting contacts.

Also worked on:

C#.NET, VB.NET, ASP.NET, Oracle 9i,Oracle Developer, C/C++/VC++, XML, JSP, SERVLETS, JDBC, MATLAB



Microsoft Certified Solution Developer MCSD (.NET) Operation Badar (Aug-06 – Jan-07)
Sun Certified Web Component Developer SCWCD Operation Badar (Sep-06 – Nov-06)
Microsoft Certified Solution Developer MCSD (VB 6.0)


Bachelor of Computer Sciences University of South Asia Lahore (Sep 2003 – Dec 2006)
CGPA: 3.0 (80%)
Foundation of Science (Pre Eng.) Nusrat Jehan Inter College Rabwah (1999 - 2001)

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