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Best Anime Games



Dragon Ball is not the only anime series with tons of video games under its belt. The second game in the series offers better combat and movement mechanics, as well as the opportunity for players to create their own characters that fit the story. Continuing the original Ni Kunis Studio Ghibli, the fast-paced sequel ensures that Level 5 brings one of the best anime games to the PC.   Mcdvoice

Anime games do not always enjoy the best reputation among fans, as most titles based on well-known characteristics have proved to be mediocre, if not atrocious in terms of quality. While games with characters and worlds from anime have an extensive history that is parallel to the history of the games themselves, there are a lot of types of anime games for systems such as the Japanese Famicom (also known as the Nintendo Entertainment System or NES) and PC, as well as engines locally from the TurboGrafx-16 series and the quality is mixed at best. Naruto shares the honor with the Ultimate Ninja Storm series as the most popular gaming series to fall into the anime bracket.  

Anime games have many similarities, as many character designers and writers have worked on them, and there is a huge amount of adaptations and games that are anime-inspired and just waiting to be played. There are so many bad ones that we decided to list the best anime video games of all time with help of votes from players like you. Whatever your taste, you will surely find something in the varied niche of anime-inspired video games you like.    Show Source Texts

When it comes to anime games you can expect to be immersed in expansive adventures, trying to solve puzzles, shed tears and get through stories that plunge into the realm of horror. No matter which anime genre you prefer, there is an anime-inspired game for you. From manga to anime series, these games range in tone from thoughtful and evocative to grandiose and adolescent.    Show Source Texts

It is an anime fighting game that highlights many different dynamics and unique components that make it exciting to play. Fate / Grand Order has over 60 professional speakers and a great soundtrack that includes anime tunes, and it adjusts the gacha mechanics so that it doesn't bother you if you're not willing to pay, making it one of the best anime games out there. Amita Arena is not the most complex game, but it is fun and is one of the best anime games on the phone if you find an active player base.    Show Source Texts

Dragon Ball is a household name at this point - it is part of many of our childhood growing up - so it is no surprise that DB Games has one of the best Anime games for Android and iOS to play in the next few years. Jump is a superstar anime fan dream game like we haven't seen since Force JStar Victory. It was adapted into an anime series because it was so popular at the time and its unique plot.    Show Source Texts

It's hard to live up to the sheer energy that has attracted so many viewers to Dragon Ball for more than three decades and Dragon Ball Fighterz is arguably the most successful combat game played on the basis of the series universe. Fighting games are the bread and butter of the anime world and no game embodies that better than Dragon Ball Fighters, developed by Arc System Works, creators of the superb Guilty Gear series. It is undoubtedly one of the best fighting games of its generation. It is not only one of the best anime games, but also one of the best fighting games of all time; it is a love letter to all the characters from each favorite series. Tellthebell

The experience of traveling through the Goku has never been more amazing than in this open-world role-playing game inspired by several Dragon Ball titles and the Dragon Ball Saga's Budokai Tenkaichi franchise. One of the best anime games on PC with a structure similar to its predecessor Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 you can expect to work your way through a 12-hour story that explores the classic Naruto Shippuden themes of friendship and fraternity. Like Naruto Ultimate, Ninja Storm is one of the best arena fighters ever, and Ninja Storm 4 with its additional expansion Road to Boruto is the culmination of the entire game series and Narutos storyline in one game.    

Fighterz isn't perfect, but it's a good blueprint for the success of video game anime adaptations. Given the sheer popularity of anime, it is not surprising that video games inspired by anime art styles and culture have become oh-so prominent.    Show Source Texts

It is a Gacha-style role-playing game in which players summon various characters from the Bleach universe. The games include heroes such as One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, My Hero Academia, Dragon Ball Z, Jojos Bizarre Adventure, Hunter x Hunter, Demon Slayer, Fairy Tail, Soul Eater, Seven Deadly Sins, Sword Art Online, Berserk, Ghost Fighter, One Punch Man, Black Clover and Re-Zero Attack on Titan. If you take the time to dive into Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 and beat all the cool Ninjas, you will find one of the best anime games on the PC.   

In my opinion, the gameplay is similar to Final Fantasy Tactics and Fire Emblem but they are classified as SRPGs (Strategy Role-Playing Games). You level various characters from the bleaching universe and use them to complete the story while playing with other players. We recommend looking at our list of best Gacha games, as many of them are anime-inspired titles and not pure anime games.