Life History of
Hazrat Syed Shah Ahmed Basha Qadri (R.A)
Mazar of Hazarat Syed Sha Ahmed Basha Qadiri (R.A) in Banaganapalli
(Digitalized Background)
Hazarath Syed Sha Ahmed Basha Qadiri Yamani Shuttari (R.A) is a Sufi Saint of Qadiriya Order of Sufiism.He belongs to lineage of a great Sufi Saint Hazarat Syed Abubakkar Qadiri Al Maroof Yaseen Vali (R.A) of Tadipatri.

Hazarath Yasin Vali was a king of a province in Iran who abdicated the throne to embrace the path of Sufism.

Hazrath Ahmed Basha Saheb was born in the year 1928,he propogated Qadiriyya order of Sufism in many places including Anantapur and Kurnool districs of A.P.Hazarath Syed Ahmed Basha Saheb is commonly called as Bade Saheb by his disciples and devotees.Bade Saheb has shown many miracles during his lifetime, he use to observe meditation in the hills of Hazarth Dada Hayath (R.A) in Chickmagalur district of Karnataka. His soul rested in peace in the year of 1991 on 01 Rabi' Al Akhar
(Wednesday 09-October)

His mausoleum is in Banaganapalli, in Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh,India.

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