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Omar Sharif

Omar Sharif born April 10, 1932, in Alexandria, Egypt, to Joseph and Claire Shalhoub as Michel Demitri Shalhoub), also known as Omar El-Sharif, is an Egyptian-born actor (of Lebanese and Syrian origin) who has starred in many Hollywood films.


Omar Sharif graduated from Alexandria's Victoria College, then from Cairo University with a math and physics major. Afterwards, he worked with his father in the lumber business.

In 1953 he started his acting career, with a role in the Egyptian film Siraa Fil-Wadi (English The Blazing Sun).

Apparently, he converted from Christianity to Islam, took on the name Omar El-Sharif, and married the Egyptian star Faten Hamama in 1955, which rocketed his popularity in the Arab World. The marriage ended in 1974 after having one child Tarek Sharif (born 1957) who starred in Doctor Zhivago as Yuri at the age of 8.

His first English language film was Lawrence of Arabia in 1962. This performance earned him a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination. He also played Dr. Zhivago in the movie by the same name. Omar Sharif is fluent in English, Arabic, Greek, and French. He speaks some Italian and Turkish.


Sharif is also one of the world's best known contract bridge players. He writes a syndicated newspaper bridge column, he is also both author and co-author of several books on Bridge and has licensed his name to a Bridge computer game. Sharif is also a regular in casinos in France, where he once assaulted a casino employee after losing thousands of dollars on a single roulette bet.

















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