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Hi , my name is Ogunmefun Ahmed Toyin .
Currently a NT MCSE and a network security Adminsitrator.
Will like to help interested clients how to protect their networks from intruders, hackers and crackers. Note that 75% of network intrusions are internally commited by the Local LAN users.
Survey has proved that most small business reply on IT solutions for their internet access to lookup information on the world wide web and also to serve as a node to the global network for sending and recieving mails.
this two functions are one out of many ways to open doors  to hackers into your networks.
Cyber cirmes is expected to be on the increase since most organistation and banks are working for global inter-bank connectivity.

If your organisation rely on deploying application on the global network and this application serve as a critical data source then a stitch in time could save you and your oranisation from several million dollars loss.
We develop and test all network solutions and detect all loop holes which could be a disadvantage to your organisations.
Pro-active information and updates are sends to our client regaular on the world best network solution we deploy .

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Am a MCSE and will like to assist clients to develop network security solution
Name: Ogunmefun Toyin Ahmed
Email: [email protected]
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