Welcome to AHGamez at GeoCities!

This site is most likely where I will put my beginning games when I finally get ready to learn some basic programming.  At the time being I'm maintaining (or helping to maintain) several other sites - don't ask me how I accumulated so many, because I'm not real sure either!  For right now, there is one game here - Find Jenny.  It's nothing fancy - no Java or anything like that, but I did work on it for quite a while.  The game plan is simple - just click through the house looking for a girl who is trapped somewhere inside...  I hope you enjoy playing it, and that I'll be able to put some more impressive things on here soon!
This is the main site if you want to see it.  Besides the normal personal website stuff, it has e-cards, a mediocre compliment generator, information on homeschooling, banners for your site, plus more...
(if the link above doesn't work try this one:
Click to play Find Jenny
Find Jenny
Search for a missing redhead
Load time: short
Create an alien, turd, and many kinds of dolls at my drag and drop site!
Load time: relatively long - depends on which drag and drop you choose and how many people are trying to access it at the time - but worth it!
Will only work in Explorer or AOL

Try the Insult-O-Matic I made for the Codi Freak! Guild Website!
Load time: very short
Will only work in Explorer or AOL
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