1. Have FUN!

2. No profane language.

3. Respect others.

4. If you wish to ladder, your zone name must include            AR82.

5. All disagreements between clan members must be              discussed in private chatrooms or on a private roger         wilco, NOT IN THE LOBBY OR PUBLIC AREAS.

6. All clan members are entitled to their opinion and will     be listened to respectfully, providing it takes place in the appropriate place and time.

7. Clan passwords are for everyone's protection and must     never be given to non-clan members.

8. Game and roger wilco passwords are not to be given         out unless you obtain the approval of the respective           hosts.

9. No mods or cheats are to be used in a game unless all players have the mod and/or cheat and agree to their use.

10. No cheats of any kind are to be used during ladder games.

11. If someone suspects cheating, whether a clan member or not, report it to council members. DO NOT accuse anyone in public areas of cheating!

12. Membership has veto powers over a council decision with a 2/3 member vote.

13. All members are encouraged to take part in voting if and when required.

14. All members are encouraged to check the website often for updates.
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