William & Lily Silverthorn
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Who are we?� Let's start with my lovely wife - Lily Luisa Silverthorn, born "Lily Wong" in Peru, who's father was native Chinese and mother Peruvian/Incan.� Lily is definitely "unique," a "one of kind" to her husband who loves her very much!� Working in the public sector since 1986, she has "credentials" in architecture, construction, and finished law school about 12 years ago in her spare time ;-).

Lily is the mother of two beautiful girls and a very Christian lady, that spends a good deal of her time studying the scriptures (and working on her husband to do the same!)

Me? William D Silverthorn, Dad, granddad, or the old man - been 31+ years in the Computer industry. I am the father of 1 beautiful and 3 great sons from a previous marriage, and now with two additional step-daughters that I have enjoyed for 11+ years.� I am growing more and more each day courtesy of my lovely bride.�

Theresa Spencer Waning, oldest sibling, residing in San Diego and married to Michael Waning. They are the reason we moved to San Diego a few years ago, as we have thoughly enjoyed being close as the grandparents to their son (our grandson) Nico, now 2 years old (2007).

Erin Kristen Silverthorn, is a beautiful woman who's parents loves her very dearly. Mother of our first and only (as of this writing) beautiful grand-daughter, Alicia Mychele. Erin recently married (2004) to Jeffrey Nesbihal and giving us our 3rd grandchild, Austin Jeffrey Nesbihal.

Suzette Spencer Zarate, my youngest step-daughter, also bilinguel, and recently married to Gilbert Zarate, both of which are to give us our 4th grandchild in early 2007. A beautiful woman who has done some missionary work to Mexico with her church, loves Peruvian music and dancing.

Darrell McLean Silverthorn, Son, 27, working in the construction industry and building a great reputation doing so.� Thinking about starting a family.� Did many years prior to high school in football, soccer and baseball, loves to snow ski, wrestle, and listen to in-appropriate music. A great guy who is loved dearly by his 'old man' and step-mom.

William Justin Silverthorn, goes by Justin ... but lately he is using "William the IXth" as a moniker reflecting his fathers love of genealogy! Pretty darn good in math, so-so in archery and driving, but definitely "college material."�� Finished 5 years in the Navy, currently in the reserve, and as of this writing doing his 2nd stint in Iraq.

James Brett, goes by "Brett" in the family, but James or Jimmy in the military.� He used to play the piano and was a regular Little League player.� Also served in Iraq, but in the Army, currently living in Phoenix Arizona and working in the finance industry. .

Here is a little about us:
Our household, depending on the day or week, varies from 3 to 10 members. The permanent 2 are my wife Lily and myself with often overnighters from our grandson Nico and not often enough visits from our out of town children since we moved south. The "variable lot" is made up of our weekend bunch of loved ones listed above.

We love them all very much!
Our Family - Dec 2006
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