The following sites have been selected as Learning Resources. It is hoped that you will find them useful.

Muscular System This is an excellent site for learning and practicing myology.

All you need to do is click on any muscle and the name will appear.

The site provides you will a self-test tool as well. Just follow instructions given.

Click here for Muscular System

Endocrine System

To find more information about Endocrine System, diseases and disorders associated with hypo/hyper secretion of hormones use this site.

Click here for Endocrien System

Organ System Pathology Images

Each section consists of a series of images demonstrating gross and microscopic pathologic findings for a variety of disease processes. A short description accompanies each image.

Click here for Organ Pathology Images

Human Body

This is good site for learning and visualisation.

This site provides clear instructions and includes systems, images, descriptions and animations.

Click here for Human Body

Research and Revision

This site can be used for reseach and also for revision purposes.

Click here for Research and Revision"


This site provides good Assessment questions together with revision notes.

You will need to select the Interactive Tutorials.

Click here for Assessment questions

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