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The diagrams below are to be used as a learning or self assessment tool. New pictures will be displayed according to the topic covered each week. Make sure you visit the page frequently.
This is the external appearance of a normal heart.The epicardial surface is smooth and glistening.The amount of epicardial fat is usual.The left anterior descending coronary artery extends down from the aortic root to the apex.
The enlarged prostate gland seen here not only has enlarged lateral lobes, but also a greatly enlarged median lobe that obstructs the prostatic urethra. This led to obstruction with bladder hypertrophy, as evidenced by the prominent trabeculation of the bladder wall seen here from the mucosal surface. Obstruction with stasis also led to the formation of the yellow-brown calculus (stone).
Female ovaries
There is a relatively normal kidney at the left with only a few scattered, shallow cortical scars and one fairly large pale tan-yellow scar in the upper pole. The left kidney is atrophic because of renal arterial occlusion. Such a situation can lead to hypertension (Goldblatt kidney).
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