Task overview

For this task you will work in groups of 3. Each group will work on a specific set of questions. You will be required to carry out detailed research on specified areas and present your results to other groups. Using Yahoo messenger you must also organize a conference chat and inform me of the date and time of this event. Each member of the group will then write a short report on the following: How information was selected; What was the most interesting part of the research; What difficulties you encountered; What measures did you take to resolve them.


Exhibit knowledge of endocrine system.


You will be able to identify and label structures constituting the endocrine system You will be able to specify secretions of the endocrine system and their functions You will be able to give examples of hormonal disorders, You will be able to identify effects of hypo/hyper secretion of hormones, and how to possibly prevent them.


Using your course workbook (the endocrine system and female breast) find out the difference between endocrine and exocrine secretions. Write a paragraph on your finding.Each of you has been placed in a group with specific areas to research. Check the table below to find out what research you have been assigned and whom you will be working with. You must identify the gland, hormones secreted by the gland and then examine at least 4 disorders for each hormone.

Click here for more information on the Endorince System

You may, if you wish identify one of your group members as your chairperson who will then gather all information and produce a report. Post your report to discussion area. Upon completion of your research write a report on you own individual work as stated above and e-mail it to your course tutor:

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Group Members:
To be announced later.

Assessment of the unit:
You will be assessed on line two weeks after submission of your work. This will be a formative multiple-choice assessment. You will be allowed to take same assessment twice. Should you not pass after second attempt you will then have to negotiate a time with your course tutor to do a written or oral formative assessment.

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