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AfriGoddess is Konte of Senegal, Gambia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Dogon, of Mali, (symbolized by the Dogon Carving just above). She is Yemaya and Osun of the Yoruba of Nigeria. She is Dansuya of the Akan of Ghana. She is Auset, Het-Heru,  and Bast of the Khemetan Medu Neter. She is Voodoun, Lukumi, Cadomble, Macumba, Beah, Santeria and every Afrikan-centered spiritual cultural energy both thought of and incomprehensible. She is born-again-Pagan. She is the world's first conscious idea of Kosmic awareness and its first iconography. She is the First Mother and the First Divine Maternal instinct. She is Ethereal. She is Eternal. She is our internal Soular walls. She is our soul, unafraid to identify with itself. She is Anunniqui and El-ohim.  From her womb, she gave birth to civilization. She is Bey, Ali and El. She is the personification of Ma'at in all of her splender. 

AfriGoddess is Hadrat Fatima (Sayyidah Fateemah) of of which the El's Holy Injyl speaks.

AfriGoddess is, in the likes of Harrapa culture (near modern Pakistan),  female dieties called yakshis who represented bounty and growth.

AfriGoddess sources of two rivers, Gangotri & Yamunotri: devoted to the female dieties - Ganga & Yamuna. They both along with Badrinath & Kedarnath form the chardham of the UP hills , the four most hallowed shrines in the Himalayas.

AfriGoddess is the Tibeaten Buddhist  resurgunce in female worships.

AfriGoddess is Kwan Yin, goddess of mercy or compassion, is the most celebrated Goddess in Asia. She is the female form of the Bodhisattva, who postponed her own buddhahood in order to help the people.  A Bodhisattva is always ready to alleviate disease or suffering. She typically holds a vase filled with the tears of compassion. Often her hand is raised in a traditional mudra for safety, assurance, tranquility and protection. In Japan she is known as Kwannon or Guan Yin, goddess of mercy. It is said that she may intercede to allow a soul to rise into a perfect and peaceful afterlife.  In Feng Shui, she is often used in the wealth corner to bring peace to monetary situations or used in the love corner as a symbol of unconditional love and compassion.  Kwan Yin holds the traditional vial of compassion.   She is closely associated with the earth, fertility, and birth. Kwan Yin guards the souls of the newborn, from her hands flows the heavenly dew, the beneficial stream of living water.    

AfriGoddess is Nefatari and Isis (the greek renamed Auset). Her symbols include: Full moon,  images of madonna and child, rivers (especially the Nile) and the ocean,  hair braids, cattails, papyrus, knots and buckles, stars,
the ankh symbol, throne, the rattle, diadem headdress (circular disk with horns), cow, wings, milk, perfume bottles. Sparrowhawk or kite, crocodile, scorpion,  crab, snake (especially cobra), and geese. (Interesting also because according to Black scholar and historian, John G. Jackson, the pisces of which AfriGoddess is 4 planets pisces, is/was the crocodile and not the fishes swinging in opposite directions.)  Plants include: Cedar, corn, tamarisk, flax, wheat, barley, grapes, lotus,  balsam, all flowers, trees and all green plants.  Oils and scents include: Tamarisk, lotus, balsam, amber oil, cedarwood, sandalwood, cinnamon, and sweet orange.  Gems and metals include: Silver, gold, ebony, ivory, obsidian, lapis lazuli, and scarabs.  Colors include:
Silver, gold, black, red, cobalt blue, and green.Her day is March 5 (feast day). Too close to AfriGoddess: 3/11 to be coinsidence.

AfriGoddess is the re-incarnative constant consciousness of Ruth spoken of in the bible. 

AfriGoddess is the fe-man-ife-station of spirit reincarnate of Queen Mother Moore, Mother Wesson, Mama Anna Ladd, Mama Meesi, Aunt Martha, Aunt Gladys, Great Aunt Missie, Cousin Angie and all the unknown or un-named femine Divine energies that are presently denied a body in this physical dimension. 


AfriGoddess was born in this incarnation on March 11, 1954 at 4:30AM.  The entire paradigm as We know it, shifted with her arrival into this sphere of awareness.


AfriGoddess is proud to host Priestess Het Heru!



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