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Well I'm a 18 year old male who has way to much free time. I have brown hair, blue/green eyes, and i'm about 6 feet tall. I'm in love with music, my favorite bands are AFI, CKY, Offspring, and korn. I hate any one says they love AFI only cause they show um on mtv. My dream is to get on the radio and infest the minds of young children. Oh and my favorite quote of all time is "Don't think your so fucking special, I hate every one!"Well here are my stats...

Names: Zach, AFIguyX, Scourger
Age: 18
Bday: April 17, 1986
Grade: Graduated
Job: NONE but looking
Height: 6'1
Weight: 235lbs.
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue/Green
Sign: Aries
Likes: Video Games, ladies(even though they don't like me), Music, Bass Guitar, Money
Dislikes: Pretty much every one, pop music, cyber dating
My Mood:The current mood of afiguyx@hotmail.com at www.imood.com
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June 18, 2004

So its been raining for the past 2 days now, i woke up this morning to the loudest thunder crash i think i've ever heard. The rain is nice but i cant go out side in this shit and being locked inside even with your friends kinda sux. Oh well we need it. I've been able to sleep alot better lately, i can actually get to sleep with in 30 minutes of trying now. so i'm very happy about that. Oh i actually cleaned my room and bathroom theyre all pretty and shit. I put up a few more posters in my room so it feels new now. I'm now in hunt for all my pics i've had taken while going to school dances. I sorta forget about some and i dont really want to (except for the sweet hearts with katie*shivers*). So far all i've found is my sweet hearts pic from freshmen year and my home coming pic from this year. I cant even find my prom pics and thats was only 2 mounths ago, prolly just kost in the packing and repacking of moving around. i think theres only 2 dances i went to that i didnt get pics done that was home coming when i went with paige (i would literally kill just to have done that over) and seet hearts junior year where i got trapped in fondo restrant for a good 4 hours and didnt even make it to the dance. I think i know where they all are but i cant go looking till later today cause we have some guy coming over to look at the house, i'm confused on what my parents are doing theyre acting like were about to move, if we are they could at least tell me about it, ya know i sorta live here its kinda important. So at 1:45 i get to shove my dogs in my truck and go for a drive yay :blah:.

June 13, 2004

Click me or the black plague will take your first born!

June 08, 2004

Hey all, hows it hanging? I hope very well. I myself is doing decent, just killing time and looking for a job. OH hey Alex i'm sorry i never wrote back but i will soon i promise! Hmm I've discovered the almighty torrent! A good way to download music with out getting caught, i'm having a good time with it i've gotten 12 new cds out of it. I've started playing DOAC again so if any one else plays send me a shout and i'll get in contact with you. Hmm ah yes the life of a nerdy american boy god bless it. :P

June 01, 2004

Hmm what i did today. Lets see i think i woke up at like 8am which is pretty good. My mom and my sis went to a horse show today so i basically spent the day doin shit work, which is fine cause its something to do. First i did some laundry, then i carried it up stairs. The i helped her do some ironing. I had some heart burn all day so i sorta just chilled out in my room and talked to dani for awhile. Around 2pm i went to the dmv to get some new stickers for 2 of our cars. After that i came home helped them load the car and they left. A little while after that(cause a boys gotta eat some time) i went over to sams club and looked into gettin a job, its one of those electronic applications so i gotta get all my shit together soon so i can go do it. After that i just drove around, i eventually just walked around clemet park and came home. I just went over and played with my sisters cat so it doesnt go crazy and tear her apartment up while shes gone. Yup that was my day good night all.



Ya know something, life really fucking sucks but thats just the way it goes. I'm tired of bitching about it, cause ya know thats doesnt help it at all, i'm been kicked out and stomped on but yup hey thats life bein life. I have no money and i seem to have friends with jobs who like to take mine. So i need a job cause i have none for college or a job. I have a friend that doesnt want to see the fact that i'm just trying to look out for them. They take it the wrong way and at the moment i think theyre completely ignoring me. I really wish that wasnt happening right now. I have so many people ignoring me and what not, i guess they just need to be able to get some sort of satisfaction from it. Ya know if any one really actually understands where i'm coming from please do email me cause this sux. Plenty of people say "oh ya im there for you, thats right before the people/persons who really do matter to them show up. It must be like donating something to good will. But once agan hey thats life. I could say i wish i had some one who really cared about me and would hold but yup that gets me no where just a nice dream. I've pretty much reached my lwest and no seems to see it or wanna understand it. They come first they will always come first, themselves and their loved ones. Maybe one day, when i have a car, a place of my own, a job, and a will in general. I didnt put a date at the top cause its not like thats how ive been feeling today its how i've been feeling for quite a bit now.

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