Polemical Scribblings
by A. C. Kleinheider

TAC Letter to the Editor: "No Forcing Francis"
I appreciate the urge to resist lumping such a brilliant thinker in with your common beer-hall racialist, but let's not fool ourselves. (5/09/05)

Equaltime Response: "Grow up and get serious"
Conservatives are not only losing the war, they are fighting the wrong battles. (11/16/03)

Equaltime Response: "Victory is still far off"
See the "director's cut" of this Equaltime Sunday Tennessean response here. (04/13/03)

Hat Trick in the Tennessean (Director's Cuts)
I appeared thrice in Tim Chavez's Equaltime section of the Sunday Tennessean here, here and here. (02/03)

Unite the Right
The Right can be watered down in two ways -- if it is weak and acquiescent in the Republican Party or if it cordons itself off in a parochial ideological Siberia. Presently, the Right is doing both these things. It must strive to do neither. (07/09/01)

Drivers Licenses and Media Bias in the Volunteer State
Mexican nationals and illegal aliens should have absolutely no say in the immigration policy of the United States or the State of Tennessee. (07/02/01)

The Hypocrisy Of The Revolutionary Marxist (Part 2 of 2)
Conservatives need to be aware that there are folks burrowing themselves deep inside the institutions of our society. (06/20/01)

Christian Socialists And The Pledge Of Allegiance (Part 1 of 2)
"Boy, exactly what part of RED CHINA are you from anyway?" (06/12/01)

Lucianne.com is a registered domain name with privately funded bandwidth and they may post pictures of monkeys wearing cute little ballerina outfits if their heart desires.(10/09/00)

Nader and Buchanan Should Demand a Title Shot
Buchanan and Nader should seriously consider giving the order to their respective communications directors to make the Smackdown Challenge a high priority. (10/02/00)

Where There is Fire, Someone is Blowing Smoke
Governments don't live together, people live together. (09/25/00)

Who's Responsible for Racism
Are whites the only ones responsible for, and the only ones in denial about, the current state of race relations? (07/27/00)

Miss Coulter, That's Not Mayonnaise
Coulter�s column is the kind of thing that gives Republicans a bad name and makes true conservatives wonder why they ever joined that party in the first place. (07/24/00)

We Did Not Fight for a Nation...We Already Had One
A nation is the unity of a people. (07/17/00)

Desperately Seeking Empathy: A Response to Lisa Woerly
When that love is lacking for an extended period of time, one cannot help feeling an emptiness. (07/16/00)

The Real Slim Shady: The 60's and Generation M
The 60�s counterculture only destroyed; it did not create. (07/11/00)

The Innocence Will End...But Not Yet
We have a problem in our culture and her name is Britney Spears. (06/16/00)

Happy Memorial Day To Me: Seeking True Security
I need to get a gun. (06/05/00)

Constitutional Counterpunch
Granting the Federal Government supreme police power over its citizens would render all Americans helpless to a government capable of acts just as wicked on a wider scale. (06/05/00)

A Matter of Degree
Ex-Cold Warriors ecstatically embraced the Elian issue because it brought back the days of clarity. (05/25/00)

In Defense of Nudie Bars
America is a good nation but should not pretend that it can create God's kingdom on earth. Some things we simply have to let slide.

See an unauthorized reprint of this masterpiece here (not a family-friendly link). (05/15/00)

We Are All Shepherds
We have to admit to ourselves that "things" like guns, media, and culture are tools and like any tool, it can also be a weapon. (05/08/00)

Exception to the Rule
The middle and working class people Rudy Giuliani represents are people who work hard to try and make a life for themselves and their families. (04/17/00)

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