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The AFBC Badge Gallery

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Here you can see some scans of football (soccer) badges (pins) from the British Isles. The reference numbers on subsequent pages refer to the AFBC directory of badges. Badges are not to scale. Choose a category to view from the list below. You may have to scroll down the list to reach the bottom. An entry in this badge gallery does not necessarily mean the badge is regarded as an official football badge by the AFBC. Any 'pop-up' adverts are unavoidable, and are produced by Yahoo, the providers of the free web space for the Badge Gallery.

County Football Associations

Referees' Associations

Eire Clubs

Schools Football Associations (English)

Football League/Premiership Clubs

Scottish Football Associations


Scottish League Clubs

Miscellaneous Leagues


Non-League Clubs (English)

Welsh Clubs

Northern Ireland Clubs

Welsh Leagues

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