The farm, originally part of The Western Reserve was homesteaded by the Bacon family. The Aufdenkampes purchased the property from the Bacons in 1946.

For years, Raymond Aufdenkampe farmed fruits and vegetables with his father Henry and brother Bob. They marketed the fresh produce at the Cleveland Produce Terminal.

Ray and his wife Dorothy became farming partners with their son Richard in the early 1990's, farming 20 acres. This scale down of acreage allowed for direct marketing of the produce, which gave the farm a unique advantage of getting the produce fresh from the field directly to the consumer.

Ray and Dorothy's youngest daughter Sandy joined the farm team in the late 1990's.

You'll also see other Aufdenkampes on the farm in the summer, Richard's wife, Chris, helps at the roadside stand on weekends. Additionally, family members of all varieties help out on the farm when needed. It's truly a family labor of love.


The other part of our story is the Mission of the Farm.

We desire to assist our customers in attaining a better quality of life for themselves and their family.  

First, we fulfill that goal by providing you top quality fruits and vegetables. 


 We take the time and have the expertise to grow high quality produce with you in mind. Many of you lead very busy lives and are unable to grow the fresh produce that your family needs and deserves.  
At our Produce Stand you never have to worry about freshness since our produce is grown, harvested and sold right here on this farm!  Grocery stores bring you produce that appears fresh, but many times harvest occurs in another state or country.  Packing, storage, and shipping add even more time before the produce arrives at the local store.  All this time the precious produce is losing vitamins and micronutrients - the very reason you are purchasing that fresh produce!
Taste - along with freshness comes great taste.  The better the taste, the more you enjoy, the better for you and your family.

Secondly, we fulfill our goal by inviting you to visit our farm.

Visit the farm during one of our Pick Your Own seasons.  We welcome you to come to the farm with your family.

Gain the learning experience of where your food comes from by Picking Your Own.
We welcome children.

Relax in our rural setting and soak in the fresh air and sunshine.

We currently offer Pick Your Own in June-Strawberries, August-Peaches, and September-Red Raspberries.  

Please call ahead before you come out to pick, we may not always have a crop available to pick due to weather or crop failure.  Thanks.  (440) 984-3844.


Visit us on the Produce Stand during our season.  In addition to our knowledgeable staff on the stand, (which many times is the family) Ray and Richard are there bringing the fresh produce right out of the fields.  All of us are happy to answer your questions about food and the farm.




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