The Internal Grip/ No Pull Launcher
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Mission Statement: There are endless rocket sites here on the net with all the info you'd ever need. It's my goal to share my inventions and innovations, things you won't find anywhere else.
The Launcher
*Launcher stands screw into the bottom of the launcher and will not be shown in most pictures.
      When I got into water rockets I did a lot of research on the internet and came across a lot of cool launchers. In my mind, however, they all had the same drawback, they gripped the bottle form the outside (except for a few simple launchers which just release the rocket once the pressure in the rocket becomes too great). Here is why I wanted internal grip. I set out to develope internal grip, and that's just what I did. When I built my first (internal grip) launcher I was so excited to have something working that I made a website right away. You may have seen it here. The problem was, I hadn't taken the time to thoroughly test it and it had a few kinks that needed to be worked out. Instead of tweaking it to perfection I decided to to go in another direction. I wanted a launcher that would release the rocket when I released the pressure from my air line, as well as having internal grip. Here's why. A little while ago I had a "Eureka" moment and built a prototype. Numerous redesigns and tweaks later, I now have rugged, well tested launcher.
Sorry about the pictures, they are a little dark. I will try and get better ones later.
The launcher can easily be extended with another piece of pvc pipe with a male adapter on one end and a female adapter on the other. With this piece in there is plenty of room for long trailing fins.
Locked Position                                  Released posotion
Launch tubes slide onto the launcher and are esily interchangeable. The launcher above is shown with a launch tube for a two litre and 600/ 591ml bottle, respectively.
Here's the launcher again in the locked and released positions, but with the "guts" taken out and the inner tube slid down.
I'm not much with graphics and I'm only using paint, so excuse the poor quality. Note that in all diagrams there are two O rings missing. These are located on the sprikler pvc just below the inner tube and make the seal with the bottle. Also notice that the pin in the bolt makes a one way valve. It lets air "up" but not "down". Lastly, the diagrams don't show the bottom portion of the launcher (the bike valve and the pvc tee).
Parts diagram
Launch Sequence
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