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Interactive Fiction for Grownups? What's that? I know what interactive Fiction is. This is about Adult Interactive Fiction. Yeah, you know, those games that you always wondered about but didn't dare to ask about. You wouldn't want anyone to know if you did ask. More to the point, this site deals with works of interactive fiction that contain adult themes or situations.

This site is also the home of the unofficial newsgroup FAQ. If you are new to the world of AIF you should take a few minutes to take a look. If you plan to post to AGX, you should read the FAQ. If you have any questions, you should read the FAQ. A lot of us have put quite a bit of effort into getting these answers all in one place, so please, read the FAQ!

This page is here to relate any news in the AIF arena. Hmmm, arena, now there's another idea for a game eh?! As always, a few ideas are being worked on for addition to the Ideas page. Games and libraries are trickling out.

Old news may be found here. This is probably only useful if you're interested in how this site has developed, or if you are looking for information on when something was released.

The latest news:


With the impending rush of the yearly IF Comp, updates are in the works! Some minor changes at the AIF Portal have affected the AFS process. Please read the updated info before using the AFS.

I'm trying to get things caught back up so the AFS is back up to speed.


Woah, what on Earth is going on? We've got new games, ports of old games, templates, and who knows what else.

One part of what else is that Yahoo is changing FTP access for free sites. This means that unless I find a way to pay to keep that access, new files will probably only be hosted through the AFS.

I've hinted around at some secret project in the works, actually I've got a couple. Coming soon to an IFFG near you will be some sort of twisted tutorail for TADS.


Hey, it's a new year! What does that mean? There have been a couple of Inform releases. As soon as I find them I'll be adding them to the AFS server. We've got some new reviews. One for Rogue Cop, and another for a Hentai game called Snow Drop.


Updates and changes are afoot. In case you missed the recent threads on AGX about traffic outages on this site due to heavy volume, here's a quick recap. I'll be reworking the site and only hosting the newest games here. The remainder of the games will still be available using the AFS server.

Speaking of the AFS, we recently hit 100 valid requests served. Right about the same time, Raven Kayce sent me his AIF libraries, which are now available from the Codebase and AFS.

Ok, here's a quick breakdown of what I hope to accomplish with each section of this site. While you can probably guess from the menu up at the top, it can't hurt to give some details in addition.

Files - If we have any files available for download, they'll be here.
Unofficial AGX FAQ - FAQ for
Resources - Player and programmer info about IF languages, Editors, interpreters, and other tools.
Reading - Articles about writing AIF, or IF in general.
Codebase - Code examples or libraries that make it easier.
Ideas - Ever need an idea for a game? We've got some here!
Reviews - For game reviews, of course. Both AIF and Hentai games.
Feedback - Well, I think you know!
Arkane File Server - Helpful information on using the e-mail file server to retrieve documents and files.
Links - Related sites.
AIF comp ideas - Musings about holding an AIFComp
Send feedback to ArKane

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