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A. D. I. D. A. S.
("All Day I Dream About Shaffer")
    Hey Munky and KoRn fans! Welcome to one of my little spaces on the web. Here you'll find some information on my favourite member of one of the greatest bands around, KoRn's very own James "Munky" Shaffer. As far as I know, this is one of the first fan-sites dedicated to him. I have never been lucky enough to meet Munky (yet!), but I have seen him in concert on the Summer Sanitarium Tour, and on KoRn's Summer Tour. I think he is definitely one of the most talented guitar player in the business (7 string baby!). I'll try my best to update this site, but I'm extremely busy these days (unfortunately). Hope you enjoy it, and if you have a Munky or KoRn related site, please check out my new webring. Thanx! 
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