An aircraft that isn’t of aerobatic standard can still perform aerobatics because every plane has to be able to withstand with stand +3.8 Gs to - 1.52 Gs at least. This can often be observed at air shows, the difference between this and aerobatics performed in an aerobatic category plane is that there is no room for error. A problem with doing aerobatics in a non aerobatic plane is it is very dangerous and only the most skilled aerobatic pilots should attempt it is that if its not in the aircraft’s manual you now have an experimental aircraft and it has to be re-certified.


The manoeuvring speed (Va or Vman) is very important to aerobatics because it is the speed at which the pilot can apply full deflection of pitch, roll and yaw controls without exceeding any of the relevant limitations. At the maximum Va the application of full pitch, roll or yaw control will overstress the aircraft, and the aircraft will fall out of the sky.









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