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Welcome to the web home of Jordan Miller, the webmaster of this pathetic excuse for a site,
the reason for this being the fact that this is a small enterprise, the staff consisting of three members, Me , Myself, and I.


6/2/2004-- Welcome to the official web opening of my online um, Feel free to browse around and email me with any questions or suggestions. As you can probably see for yourself, I'm not a professional and this is still in the construction phase. Thanks for stopping by! Oh, and by the way, my messaging isn't working, so if it seems like I'm ignoring you, I'm not, you're just co-dependent.

6/6/2004--Well, in response to certain people demanding GAMES , I have this to with the lack.....but until I become a computer programming genius, I'll give you people something to do,'s a link to ~TROGDOR!~

6/15/04--Well, my messaging is working now, and its already gotten me in here goes...

9/27/04--Whitney wants me to change something, so here it is���CHaNGE! Um�..she went paintballing�.she likes it�she is humiliating��she has disgustingly good aim at times, and she has a bomb�.is the bomb�.eats the bomb? What?! Um...she needs a Tippmann.

9/28/04--Well, hello everyone...I'm bored today and world history and geography arent too far off, so I'm writing those who care, I believe I am going to convention, but it all depend on Goof's dad...I'm also getting a haircut today...I think I'll go for the Tom Delonge look...feel the sarcasm...well, i must do something useful, like geography.....Eustice says hi.
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