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(Read them; you may never see the site if you don't. Plus, how hard is it to read 5 rules?)

1) No direct linking!! That means if you take a doll you must save it and upload it to your own site, you can learn how to inside if you are unaware of how to do this.

2)Do not redistribute my dolls, that means don't take them and put them on a site for people to take and then you get credit for it, I worked long and hard on these dolls and I deserve the credit.

3) Most important, if you take or use and of my dolls you
MUST link back to http://www.aerialdolls.tk on the page the doll is used or in a link section or thank you section of your page. You may take one of my banners to help you in that.

4) To enter my site do not click I agree (see I told you to read the rules) click on the word must in rule three.

5) If you take anything you must sign the guestbook, hey, its the least you can do. But you still gotta link me.


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