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Just because we live in an archipelago...

...doesn't mean you have to start playing by yourself.

AEGIS stands for the Alliance of Eclectic Gamers and Interactive Storytellers.

We are a volunteer, nonprofit group of roleplaying game enthusiasts in the Philippines, and we have made it our aim to help the many isolated gaming groups here in the country to reach out and get in touch with each other, to promote roleplaying games as the highly entertaining and educational hobby that it is, to provide a forum for discussion and sharing ideas about our favorite hobby, to support locally authored gaming material - and of course, to be able to game with new players and game masters.

Be part of the Alliance!

Role Playing Games allow you to have fantastic adventures where you write the story. It is a fun and social hobby with possibilities limited only by your imagination. AEGIS is a network of gamers and gaming groups based in the Philippines promoting role playing games as a hobby and building bridges between the many scattered gaming groups in the country.

Join us now!

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AEGIS is also a member of the New Worlds Alliance

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