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The Discworld MUD

"He was certain he was anoretic, because every time he looked in a mirror he saw a fat man. It was the Archchancellor, standing behind him and shouting at him."
-- Reaper Man, Terry Pratchett
The Discworld gang

Please note that large sections of this website are out of date. This website is mainly of historical interest. Use at your own risk!

Welcome to my Discworld MUD web page. If you do not know what the Discworld MUD is, follow this link to the Discworld MUD website. The main purpose of this website is to offer a source of information on the Priests Guild of the Discworld, which I personally feel is the most interesting and exciting guild available on the disc.

For my own amusement, and hopefully yours as well, I've also included some Logs and Quotes from various sources on the disc, as well as some logs of the madcap adventures of the Jolly Rogered, the Discworld's first pirate ship. You may also find some information on one of the stranger Gods of the Discworld pantheon, Popshot, God of Confusion.

You can contact me via e-mail - any comments, corrections, suggestions or bank account numbers will be gratefully recieved and hopefully responded to as soon as possible. You might also like to visit some other Discworld webpages which I have listed on the Links Page. Thats it, feel free to Enter now or say G'day if you see me on the disc.

Warrax of Sandelfon.
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