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� For E-mails & ANY kind of comments/complaints - ONLY SEND TO: [email protected], Do Not send E-mails to adventurequest or any other E-mail address even if you receive any E-mail from it. Don't give your passw0rd or trust to "ANY" E-mail (even from The Navigators). E-mails can be sent by fake.

� I HIGHLY encourage, appreciate and invite members to send E-mails to the group & share them with other members, but if for some reason any one�s E-mail is not approved/send to other members, please don�t mind & keep sending your best selective, quality E-mails to [email protected], as I receive above 300 E-mails per week & I cannot approve all of them�

� Please let me know, by voting in the 'Polls' section, of your views about the Group.

� Members may send any kind of E-mail relating to the group category, with or without attachments, but e.g. pictures or files having link from another location is more favorable.

� Try to keep within your E-mail storage limit. Exceeding it will bounce back the Group E-mails. This can result in a temporary or permanent unsubscribe from the Group. See HTTP://GROUPS.YAHOO.COM/MYGROUPS to send a reactivation request caused by bouncing.

� If you want to disclose your E-mail address while sending any message/E-mail, please state so. E-mail addresses or other information of individuals will not be disclosed (names 'if given by members', could be disclosed) to other members in the E-mails, until requested to do so.

� A `*` sign in the subject line of our E-mails represents importance given to the E-mail from the group owner.

� There is NO guarantee of validity and correctness of E-mails delivered, or any information delivered. Every body should rely on its own brain to judge! If you find a major/important invalidity/discrepancy, please report so.




Yahoo email account preferred

Members are requested to receive Group emails on Yahoo Mail Because:


Only yahoo email holders can access many of the groups features; such as files, photos, polls.

1GB free storage
Keep more of the things that are important to you, like special photos, without worrying about bumping up against your storage limit. Yahoo! Mail gives you plenty of space at absolutely no cost. 1 GB = 1024 MB. Much bigger than Hotmail.


Send and receive messages up to 10MB
Photos. Presentations. Documents. Attach them all. Total message size can be up to 10MB.


Send and receive email from anywhere
Yahoo! Mail gives you the freedom to access your email from home, the office, the road � anywhere in the world there's a web-connected computer.


Virus scanning and cleaning
To help keep you safe, Yahoo! Mail partners with Norton AntiVirus� to scan all incoming messages -- then alert you of harmful viruses and automatically clean those viruses from messages*.


By helping put spam in its place � your Bulk folder � SpamGuard frees you to focus on the messages that really matter.


Filters and blocked addresses
Set up to 15 filters to stay organized. If you don't want mail from specific senders, you can block up to 500 addresses.


Message alerts
Don't miss important emails � use Yahoo! Messenger to alert you when new messages arrive. You can even get alerts on your mobile phone!


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� Receive quality emails of the above categories from its members. 
� Send and share the above category emails to thousands of people (group members) all over the world (Just become a member and send the emails to [email protected]). 
� Have access to Group Files, Photos, Data Base area. 
� Chat with other members of the Group.

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Note :- You can send & receive emails if you join/subscribe by 'any' email address (hotmail, yahoo, aol or any other), but you can have access to group's chat area, data base and photos located at the groups main page, only if you join/subscribe by a 'yahoo' email address.




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