My Poem...=) Hope ya's like it


If I ran my hands, through your untamed hair,
Would you close your eyes, and breathe no air?

If you were surrounded, by my outstretched arms,
Would you remain lost, and trust that I won't bring harm?

If our hands, were to secretly touch,
Would you enangle our fingers, and wish us some luck?

If I took a step, and got a little close,
Would you take another step, and let our feelings coast?

If I pulled up your hair, and opened feelings once shelled,
Would you raise up your chin, leaving your neck unveiled?

If I were to ask you to wait, and close your eyes,
Would you patiently sit, for your most unexpected surprise?

If silence were to fall, and quiet we both were,
Would you stare into my eyes, looking for a cure?

If the day made you exhausted, and left you needing rest,
Would you be willing enough, so place your head on my chest?

If your wishes were unfullfilled, and you know that I've tried,
Would you accept what you have, just knowing that I've not lied?

If I had to leave, making us both so sad,
Would you not cry, and just miss what we've had?

~ Cua Dub 7

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