In order to provide users a distinct location on the web for adding their web links to their favorite web pages social bookmarks are utilized.

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This saves the problem of striving to remember a site address when you are not on your personal computer.

Mundane book marking takes advantage of current on the web Communities where users Can enter Uniform Resource Locator for other people to review. Web pages full with keywords & unobstructedly accessible in fashionable search engines are mainly voted by viewers.

This may make your bookmarks easily accesible to other customers. Let's take an example, you go to your desired website that has been also quoted by other buyers showing that you all attain the same flavor. You would mechanically feel intrigued in viewing their book marks & sharing your useful links with their favorite websites with same taste & finally promote the web site of your taste.

Many times your submitted page may flaunt on that site's homepage as soon as you enter it and get exposed to several surfers. While on the other hand some other schemes ask for selected number of book marks before home page exhibition.

Significant, unique and insightful content can make the page popular and favorite among several visitors.


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