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What Is AdSense Exactly?

AdSense is a contextual advertising program that is operated by Google. Google runs two main advertising programs. Adwords, which is for people who want to advertise their goods or services and AdSense which is for people with existing websites who want to make some extra money by displaying those advertisements. When you place the AdSense code on your website, the program that is displaying that code examines your web page and sends advertisements that are relevant to the content of your web site. You are paid every time someone clicks one of those ads.

I'm sure you have seen the adsense ads before. They are all over the internet.

Did you know that big companies are paying over $5 every time someone clicks their ad?

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The Internet is a gigantic place were millions and millions of people roam!!! As long as there is an Internet there will be a way for people to make money on it. I know for a fact that there are millions upon millions of untapped dollars floating around waiting to be taken by people like you and I. I will never have enough time to take advantage of all the profit making opportunities presented on the Internet, nobody will. So I'm not worried at all if people know my secrets to making money online. I know there is so much untapped opportunity that these secrets will always make me profits no matter how many people learn them.

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I have seen so many "get rich quick" scams that it makes me sick.

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