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AdPumb is a programmatic ad mediation platform that assists mobile app developers in optimizing ad delivery and maximizing revenue.

When an app developer or publisher incorporates AdPumb into their app via a single lightweight SDK, AdPumb seamlessly directs ad requests to several ad networks, including but not limited to Google AdMob, Facebook Audience Network, and Unity Ads. Following this, AdPumb selects the best available ad from each network based on parameters such as ad kind, size, and targeting and delivers it to the app's user. AdPumb helps serve ads with enhanced eCPM and 99.99% fill rates by leveraging proven ad revenue optimization strategies such as fill rate management and eCPM optimization.

AdPumb makes it easier for developers to serve relevant ads to their viewers, leading to higher click-through rates and enhanced revenue. AdPumb handles the technical complexities of integrating numerous ad networks, which reduces the publishers' effort and simplifies the ad-serving process. Compared to the competition, AdPumb supplies ad demand from over 3000 domains, independent of your region. With AdPumb, you practically open the entire world of Advertising.

Furthermore, AdPumb suppliers frequently include additional tools such as real-time reporting and analytics, audience segmentation, and A/B testing, which allow app developers to make data-driven decisions and improve their ad revenue.