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    Welcome to our project's homepage. We are Electrical Engineering students of Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. This particular project was assigned to us as a part of our Design Course (EE) in the 4th semester under
Prof. Ajay Pathak's supervision.
    The idea, to say the least, was quite interesting and challenging at the same time. The objective was to automate the attendance of a classroom using a couple of webcams connected to a computer (usually pre-installed in the room itself), thus replacing the boring paper-and-pen roll-call routine - A much needed 'vocal' relief for the professors as well as the students. Though I might add that it will effectively throw the 'attendance by proxy' method out of the window and therefore will probably not find much support with the students !
    The constraints inherent in our project description were unavoidable given the limited time we had in a particularly heavy semester and were as follows :
                  The classroom seats are more or less fixed till the time this system is in place.

                  The room is taken to be sufficient spaced out, i.e. there is  a remote chance of areas of overlap between different students in the image captured subsequently.

                  Sufficient illumination is assumed to be available as there no external illumination provided in the system.

As you might have guessed by now, image processing was a critical component of this system. We decided to use Intel's Image Processing Library provided as the freely available OpenCV (Open Computer Vision) Package. Understanding how to use this package is a feat in itself - Sometimes the functional components were quite intimidating. But once we got familiar with it, we realized how handy it is for simple image processing applications. The final graphical user interface (GUI) was made using Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) which is provided with Microsoft Visual Studio. All in all, I (the project's software coder) had to learn OpenCV and MFC - Quite a handful !
Feel free to browse through the links above and if you have any comments, do send them to me at
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