UWB Communication Term Paper - Rake Reception
This term paper/presentation was a part of my 6th semester course, EEL430 - Special Topics in Communications. It dealt with major upcoming and novel communication systems like UWB, Blutooth, WiMax. My paper was specially on an aspect of UWB communications. UWB systems occupy the 3.1-10.6 GHz range in the frequency spectrum. Since this a huge bandwidth to play with, it allows very low width (timewise) pulses to be used as part of the UWB signalling. Owing to the indoor and outdoor channel impulse response (which is due to reflection and non line-of-sight conditions), the pulse received at the receiver is severly attenuated and time-delayed something which causes Inter Symbol Interference also (ISI).
Fortunately, UWB pulses are usually so narrow that they can be typically resolved from the signal received. This is done by using special filters called
Rake Receivers. I reserached on their design, their different types and even simulated with real-life pulse types (Gaussian etc.) to compare the Bit error rate and signal error rate for different types of filters and levels of transmitted power.
This whole exercise was very interesting to say the least, and gave me great knowledge and understanding of UWB communications.

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