Universal Media Player
This concept is based on the fact that data networks in the future will be all digital, packet based and will be sent to and fro between all-in-one devices, i.e.convergent devices. This integrated system will comprise of all kinds of data tranmissions - audio and video streaming via the internet, television signals, radio transmissions, voice (speech based) signals, fax etc. This will be in some sense convergence of all networking protocols to IP - Internet Protocol. We already have in our midst early forms of convergent devices - the mobile phone, the PDA and the likes.
So, my aim was to design a sort of a universal media player for a mobile phone. I worked on the Nokia mobile, Series 60 platform using Symbian as the underlying Operating System. The coding was carried out in Java Micro Edition (J2ME). The constraints were -
~~ Limited physical memory on device thus limited buffering
~~ Handling variable data rates available on all the common protocols like          HTTP, RTP, RTSP etc, built on transport layer protocols like TCP, UDP etc.
We finally did the application using a double buffering operation, i.e. two player processes alternately buffering and playing data. We also looked into how the application could detect and differentiate between different data packet types.
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