HOT news - TSL Bangkrut

Yes, Trustix AS has filed for bankrupty and is effectively shut down. The TSL team continues development but as we do not own the name "Trustix Secure Linux", we must continue development under a different name while we try to get it back.

Watch out for Tawie Server Linux coming soon with a swup near you.

The longer story: Trustix AS has struggled for a while and made serveral attempts to recover. The last attempt has now failed, and Trustix AS filed for bankruptcy today.

On July 25, Christian got laid off and I went down to a 25% position. About a month later, I got laid off to. We have since maintained Trustix Secure Linux totally on a voluntary basis.

The distribution as such is open source but the name is the property of Trustix AS, so we must continue the development under another name. We have found Tawie Server Linux (aka TSL :) to be the name we prefer. The idea is to continue developing TSL as we do today but a different place.

We will also start a company to support the development. The business model is to sell support contract and customalizations ("got a package that needs a server base os"-principle) while we do what we like the best (that would be to maintain TSL in case you wondered :).

So will there be any changes? For one, the new company intends to live from this product. This means we will be very much more focused on keeping it alive and well. Ohh, and that also means you can buy support contracts

We have spent some time makeing the new web pages / mailing lists / wiki / bug-tracking better, and hope the 'new' project will be just as interesting as the 'old' one. We have also moved offices and even got ourselves a better distribution server.

So welcome to Tawie Server Linux!

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