ABYSS - FINISHED. Draco saves Hermione the night Hogwarts is attacked. Now, complications arise between the two as they fight their feelings, as well as other foes, in reclaiming their lost school. 
PG - Drama/Action/Adventure 
[]   [FAP]

DIVINE HUMILIATION - FINISHED. "You humiliated me. I admit, you played me very well. However, don't expect this to be the end." Draco and Hermione as Graduation Dance partners... oh, the horror! With Ron/Pansy and Harry/girl!Blaise
PG-13 - Humor/Romance 
[]   [FAP]   [

SANCTUARY IN POTIONS - UNFINISHED. When Hogwarts announced their need for a new Potions professor, Hermione and Draco were deemed best for it. And since both needed the job desperately, chaos inevitably erupts. 
G - Humor/Romance

THE CHRONICLES OF DRACO MALFOY - UNFINISHED. Draco Malfoy. Dedicated Writer. Bestselling Author. Who would've thought? No one around him would!
G - Humor/Romance


CRUEL VENGEANCE - FINISHED. Malfoys are known to hit their enemies where it hurts the most. What happens when that enemy turns out to be a son? Warning: Very dark.
PG-13 - Angst/Drama 

FREEDOM TO BECOME - FINISHED. It's the last dance of the year... why not go wild while at it? 
Author's Personal Favorite. 
G - Romance/Humor 
[]   [FAP

GREAT EXPECTATIONS - FINISHED. Hermione Granger is content being the owner of a popular book and coffee shop. Then chocolate chip cookies, roses, a very annoying Pansy Parkinson Weasley, and the bastard Draco Malfoy literally take her world apart. D/Hr Fall Fic Exchange

HIDDEN DEPTHS - FINISHED. Sequel to Reckless Freedom. Tonight, Draco and Hermione indulge themselves in more than just a kiss... nothing too graphic, I assure you.
PG-13 - Romance 
[]   [FAP]

IMPECCABLE - FINISHED. First assignment for D/Hr Valentine Fic Exchange. "Three words, Malfoy. Three damned words after three damned years. Rather ironic, don't you think?" 
PG-13 - Angst/Drama 
[]   [FAP]   [read

INFINITY - FINISHED. Aftermath of the war between good and evil, light and dark. Who will win? Or is there any winner at all? Warning: Character Deaths.
G - Angst 
[]   [FAP

MORNING AFTER - FINISHED. People always talked about the night before - but what about the morning after? Contains adult themes/foul language. 
R - Drama 
[]   [read

MORNING, NOON, NIGHT - FINISHED. "For never was a story of more woe, than this of Juliet and her Romeo." D/Hr with a twist. D/Hr Spring Forward Fic Exchange.
PG - Drama/Angst 
[]   [FAP]   [read]

RECKLESS FREEDOM FINISHED. It all started with an innocent glare between two enemies... passion without the use of words. 
My first HP fic. 
PG - Romance/Angst 
[]   [FAP

RUMORS - FINISHED. My fic assignment, based from the Lifesavers counting system at FAP. To Meg.  Just scroll down the page, you'll see it..  G - Humor/Romance 

SICK - FINISHED. First Standalone Ron/Pansy. "You hate her! You hate her so much because she made you love her so damn much. There's no pain more cutting than unrequited love. More than anyone, Ron and Pansy know this. With D/Hr side pairing.   
PG13 - Angst/Drama  
[] [FAP

SOMETHING MUGGLE - FINISHED. Second assignment for D/Hr Valentine Fic exchange. For Muggle Studies, Draco is assigned to be involved in Hermione's life for a day's length. What activities would they do together? 
G - Humor/General 

THE OTHER SIDE OF MIDNIGHT - FINISHED. Assignment for The Christmas Fic Exchange. It was war. And in war, love had no place anywhere.
G - Drama/Angst 
[read] [] [FAP

'TIS THE SEASON - FINISHED. My first Christmas Draco/Hermione fic for the Quiet Ones Fic Exchange. Draco had always wondered what a peasant Christmas was like. Now, thanks to blackmail, he knew.
G - Humor/General 

WITHIN THIS ROOM - FINISHED. It all began when Draco proposed to Hermione the night before they graduated. It also ended everything. And now, five years later, they meet again...  
PG-13 - Romance/Drama 
[]   [FAP]

                                                          On Hold


A DRAGON'S LIGHT - UNFINISHED. Is there ever a vulnerable side to one Draco Malfoy? Hermione Granger finds out, in the most unusual way... 
PG - Romance/General 

BITTER COLD - UNFINISHED. Death Eaters Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy hunt for their master's most formidable enemy... Harry Potter. 
R - Angst/Drama
[]   [FAP




Divine Humiliation has also been given an Outstanding Rating at Aparecium.



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