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This site is dedicated to the famous Flat Cats.
The Flat Cat design was available on Mugs, T-Shirts, Fridge magnets, Crockery, Umbrellas, etc. etc.
We found these about 10 years ago and bought the Hangover fridge magnet, which is still proudly displayed on our fridge.

I haven't seen these around for a while, and suspect they are no longer available.

On a recent trip to Hahndorf, South Australia, on a whim we went into the shop where we purchased our original fridge magnet. Amazingly he had several magnets for sale, it turns out he had found them only recently whilst doing a cleanup. We purchased Curly, Whiskers and Smarty as they were the only ones he had. They are now proudly displayed on our fridge along with Hangover (who is looking a bit worse for wear after hanging around for 10 over years).

Curly is always resting. He is not particularly active.
The Mickey Rourke of the cat world.
Long Black
Smart sensitive fashionable cat. It is always acknowledged as the attractive dandy cat.
long black
It is afraid of its own shadow and does everything to avoid people approaching it.
Short Black
Active energetic Cat. “Let's go to play! What are you wriggling?”. Always active.
short black
Any more stupid cat does probably not exist. It tries not to move even 1cm.
Extremely self-loving young cat.
The charming female cat. Cute and active. She always seeks exciting things to do.

Images and text courtesy of - Star Cat World
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