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Hi, I am Dr. Abhijit Das (Barda) - a Computer Science graduate from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India. I am currently on a post-doctoral assignment in the Fakültät für Mathematik, Ruhr Universität Bochum, Germany. Welcome to my electronic home. Hope you will enjoy it.

My current research interests include cryptography, symbolic and algebraic computations, mathematical problem solving, design and analysis of algorithms etc. In short, I am a theoretical computer scientist. Some of my nonacademic interests are playing crossword board games (Scrabble®, for example), lateral thinking puzzles, learning languages (both natural and computer languages), playing musical instruments (Hawaiian guitar, keyboard, mouth organ), painting and sketching.

I do a lot of hacking too. This page provides links to a lot of utilities that I developed in the recent years. None of them are really serious. They are just for fun. I think you will find them interesting (may be useful too).

My publications

Here you will find the papers, technical reports and other documents written by me. The PostScript files, if available, are archived for downloading.

The list of publications


A utility for converting html pages to TeX documents. It accepts only local files written according to html2 specifications and outputs a TeX file that should be compiled using TeX (not LaTeX). An associated utility imgtops converts local image files to encapsulated postscript files.

htmltotex tutorial

imgtops tutorial



Bengali Writer utilities

My mother tongue is Bengali, an Indian language. I have written Bengali fonts in various formats -- namely METAFONT, PostScript, X11 BDF etc. Some transliterators that convert romanized Bengali text to actual Bengali text specific to these fonts are also available. The newest in the set of Bengali Writer utilities is a Tcl/Tk-based text editor for Bengali.



`dvedit' is a text editor for Devnagari. You can use this to edit text files in Hindi, Maratha and Sanskrit. This editor runs on any X11 windowing system having the Tcl/Tk shell `wish'. The package comprises of a Tcl/Tk script, a set of BDF files, a PostScript Type 1 font file, a LaTeX style file for editing and typesetting in a Devnagari font. This program is converted from the Bengali text editor bwedit.

More info



`blogin' is a simple interactive graphical interface for setting up remote connections. It invokes the protocols telnet, rlogin, ssh, rsh, ftp, talk, finger and ping. It opens an Xterm for every remote connection. The GUI is designed using Tcl/Tk.

More info


A German-English Dictionary for Algebra students

A small technical dictionary of mathematical German. It lists some of the very common terms used in algebra, commutative algebra and algebraic geometry.

The front page

The German-to-English dictionary

The English-to-German dictionary

Download PostScript version

Learn French

An introductory tutorial to the French language. Suitable for beginners. Stress is given on French grammar and common vocabulary.

The tutorial in HTML

Download PostScript version

Mathematical puzzles

A list of some mathematical puzzles that I have come across from various sources. These are sort of simple problems that you might enjoy solving yourself. The solutions, if known to me, are also provided.

The math puzzles page

Crossword puzzles

Crossword puzzle game based on Java applets. Currently only six boards are available - two on computing terms, two on mathematical terms and two on general terms.

Play crossword

HTML Calendar

HTML Calendar (abbreviated hcal) is a CGI-based application for viewing calendars in a nicely-formatted form. Shows calendar for a date, month or year.

Form to access hcal

History of Roman Calendar


Unix in DOS

DOS shell (command.com) implementations of some Unix commands. Implements cat, cp, mv, rm, ls, grep etc.

More info



Dr. Abhijit Das (Barda)
Ruhr-Universit�t Bochum
Fakult�t f�r Mathematik
Geb�ude NA, Zimmer Nr.3/35
44780 Bochum, Germany
E-mail: [email protected]
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