Active Care Education  

Studying in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is one of the most popular foreign student destinations in the world. Each year, around 485,000 EU and foreign students enrol in the United Kingdom. The EU accounts for 143,000 of these.

Over 140 universities and other higher education institutions are available to you. Each provides a variety of internationally recognised tertiary credentials.

Visa limitations, English language requirements, and work permit limits must all be considered. Use this guidance, as well as the other resources and advice available on our Active care education website. Our university rankings in the United Kingdom are a fantastic place to start.


Applying to a university in the United Kingdom

Postgraduate applications are generally sent directly to the university, usually through their website.

International students should submit their applications well in advance of the deadline, especially if they intend to attend one of the UK's best colleges. Details on how to apply may be found on the course pages of each university's website and Our ACE website.

If you earned your credentials outside of the United Kingdom, you'll need to compare them to the university's course entrance criteria. You can find information on this on certain colleges' websites, or you may contact them for assistance.