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Italian lessons in Los Angeles
Study Italian in Los Angeles with a university trained native speaker.

Full Immersion technique tailored for your specific needs and goals

Phone: (310) 780 - 7970       Fax: (310) 427 - 7156       E-mail: [email protected]
Ciao a tutti !

I am a native speaker with a M.S. from� Bologna University (1985) and I have been teaching and translating Italian in the Los Angeles area since 1991.

In addition to private Italian lessons and tutoring, I have also taught at different language schools in Los Angeles. I teach because I really enjoy working with the diverse and wonderful people who want to learn this beautiful language.

My teaching technique
is very flexible depending on the needs of the student. In general I try to speak only in Italian, even for beginners, so that you learn in a more natural way. I always try to make our lessons interesting and fun -- never boring !  I emphasize a lot conversation and communication.
I also do reading comprehension with Italian newspapers and magazines.

I believe that in the beginning, pronunciation and minor grammar mistakes are secondary. Many people worry too
much about mistakes in the beginning and become intimidated, making learning much harder than it has to be.

I strongly believe that communication is the most important thing in learning a language.

As you improve your skill, I can use, at your option,
my method of taping our conversations and then reviewing the tape with you to help you to improve your pronunciation, grammar and word choice. I strongly believe that after you hear your own mistakes on tape, you remember them much better and are much less likely to repeat them.

You will be able to schedule your Italian lesson at your convenience
because I teach all day and in the evening.

Start your lesson today by� clicking and e-mailing me at the link at the top of the page or by calling me at
(310) 780 - 7970.



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