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If you are looking an agent to sell product or extend new market in Thailand. We are able to assist you. We charge service to find quality agent or distributor for you. Interested, please email to send email to Supa&Visoot Consutants

  • Service for legal cases consultant and cases conducting in all over the country.
  • Corporate lawyer to the company, partnership or proprietors.
  • Contract drafting, Will drafting and consulting, Registration, Alteration.
  • The dissolution and liquidation of the company, partnership, proprietor, Tax consulting.
  • Machinery.
  • Trademark, Copyright, Patent.
  • License for construction of factory, Extending of factory license. Manufacturing standard Registration.
  • Work permit application guidelines. ( Work permit application and validity extending Extending of VISA and Passport validity)
  • Application for Tallinn registration card or permanent residence.
  • Naturalization, Verification of Thai nationality for the alien.
  • Contact to the government organization.
  • Accounting work , Account auditing.
  • Application to receive the BOI promotion.
  • Property sale agent.

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