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On August 26, 2000, 285 (give or take a couple) classmates were 18 years old again.  The setting was the Howard Johnson Crystal Ballroom.  There was 1950s memorabilia all around.  All guests were treated to pictures, included in the admission cost.  The food was great and the company greater.  T-shirts and sweatshirts saying

I'm from the old school"

were on sale.  A nostalgic photo of the "old school" was reproduced on the sportwear.

This home page will (eventually) recreate the scene for all who were unable to attend.  If there was a disgruntled attendee, he or she kept silent.  All in attendance praised the effort by Joan Gallagher Cannon and her enthusiastic committee.  Help in decorating was abundant and most of the decorations were completed late Friday, giving the staff a much needed break instead of planned work on Saturday.


Let's start with

The Atlantic City Press covers our reunion

This page is dedicated to our children

This page is dedicated to our grandchildren

Prototype slide show. Reunion snapshots courtesy of Harold & Sally Hines and Elaine (Nerenberg) Shapiro

Prototype slide show. Reunion snapshots courtesy of Dr. & Mrs. John (June Phillips) Welsh

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