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1995 EU-HKPAA Conference Speech

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Mr Derek GOULD Welcome Message in Brochure1996

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5. WHAT'S NEW: Activities  Updated 8 October 1999  Best view: msie5 at >800x600

8-Member HKPAA Delegation to EROPA May 99 Manila World Conference on Governance
8-Member Delegation Attended EROPA 1999 Manila World Conference on Governance
See EROPA1999 for details, and more and bigger photos on delegates from different countries. See Brochure 1996 for EROPA's background.

Briefly there were 638 participates, 23 Facilitators, 7 Moderators, a 15-member Planning Committee, 37 Rapporteurs, a 10-member Steering Committee, and 95 Speakers/Panelists, as you can see from the WorldCOG HomePage hosted at Philippine Civil Service Commission. Their links are found in this page at Item 7 i.e. top of Column 3 on your right hand side.

In the above photo, you may know some of the 8 members of the HKPAA Delegation. From left: BaptistU PhD student Mr CHEN Shengluo, HKPAA ExCo Member Mr Anthony CHUA (Coordinator of the Delegation), HKPAA Hon. Secretary Mr Edward LING, HKPAA ExCo Member Mr YIM Kin-Ping, HKPAA Vice President Mr Michael YIP Suen (Head of Delegation), CityU PhD std Ms Lina VYAS, HKU PhD std Ms LIAO Xuanli, and CUHK MPhil std Mr CHIU Chun-Hong. Please click the above link to see Chinese characters in B5 code.
More Best Conferences

HKPAA Delegation to Shenzhen Administrative/Party School on Saturday 5 Sep 1998
HKPAA Visit Shenzhen Administrative School (also the Party School
See Shenzhen 1998 for details and more photos; please check out this website again to see more details on this highly popular one-day visit. See Brochure 1996 for Central Party School.
10-member Shanghai Personal Bureau Delegation Visited HKPAA

A 10-member Shanghai Personal Bureau Delegation Visited Hong Kong between 18 to 28 January 1999 upon the invitation of HKPAA. The delegation paid visits to CityU, CSTDI, HKU, Hong Kong Police, ICAC, CSB, ALAP (Macau), and a few public bodies. The visit was highly recognised by the delgates (reported by the HKPAA Newsletter Issue No. 1998/2000-03 on March 1999)
More Best Visits

HKSARG: Performance Measurement Programme (PMP)
The HKSARG EU Team explains the PMP ... (see many links via Section Home to its site)
Presentation in EROPA1999 Section Page:
Organisation for Eco Co-operation & Development (OECD): Ethics & Whistleblowing
EROPA 1999 OECD speaking at ADB Workshop on Anticorruption & Ethics #11
Browse/download OECD's "Ethics and corruption in the public sector" (from EU's link)
Presentation in EROPA1999 Section Page:
Asian Development Bank (ADB): Anticorruption Policy
EROPA 1999 HK-Born ADB General Auditor, Japanese Professor and Philippine NGO #11
Browse/download the above Policy in word97 doc and/or acrobat pdf formats.

More Best Documents

RATINGS : What other sites say about this site ...

7.HIGHLIGHTS: Conferences & PA Org.
eropa_1200macau Eastern Regional Organisation for Public Administration (
EROPA) 2000 Conf.

eropa1999_world EROPA May99 Manila Conf, & 8-member HKPAA Delegation Report & larger photos

eropa_NewlogoMacau EROPA Oct98 Macau Conf; Section Home
97 Kuala Lumpur Conf; 96 Hanoi Conf.

aspalogo3 American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) Conf.
Chinese Public Administration Society (CPAS) Conf. Section Home for CPAS
Macanese Association of Graduates in Public Adminstration (ALAP) Conferences
capam CAPAM conferences Commonwealth Association for Public Administration & Management 
iisa (IIAS) International Institute for Administrative Sciences  conf.
HKPolyUcuhk PolyU-CUHK-CSTDI-HKPAA Jun97 Public Sector Mgt Reform in Cn
HK Serve Community EU-HKPAA Oct 1995 Conf. on "Serving the Community"
iqpc IQPC-HKPAA Conferences:
Hong Kong April 1999;
Singapore June 99, July 98, April 98

More best conferences & PA Organisations

8. HIGHLIGHTS: Seminars / Talks
csb Secretary for Civil Service Hon. LAM Woon-Kwong 27 May 99 Luncheon Talk in HKPAA 10th AGM in CGO Staff Club 3/F(download TVB's realvideo news report).
CityU-HKPAA Specialist Seminar by Mr Francis TERRY of LSE on 7 Dec 1998.
HKMDC-HKPAA Seminar by Arthur D. Little in June 1999.
More seminars / talks
9. HIGHLIGHTS: Visits / Delegations
Visit to
Shenzhen Party School on Saturday 5 September 1998.
Visit to CPAS in Beijing in 1996.
Receiving the visit to HKPAA by Shanghai Personnel Bureau in Jan 99.
More visits / delegations
HKBU Professor Michael DeGOLYER and
HK Transition Project for hosting this website through the HK Baptist University
HKSARG EU's PSR Forum for many ideas and links.
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