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Welcome to An Anita Blake Fan Clique
This is the home for my very own Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Fan Clique.

Who is this Anita Blake? She's a creation of the very talented author Laurell K. Hamilton. Anita is a licensed vampire slayer, necromancer, and diplomat to the preternatural world in her alternate reality. It's an awesome series I got hooked on a few years ago, and recommend to anyone who likes detective stories with a twist and girls who kick major butt.

While the main point of this page is to play host to the AB:VH Clique, I will host other links to various AB:VH sites that I think are worth while to other AB fans. Sorry, no Merry Gentry here. Nothing against MG, but I prefer Anita (and Edward... mustn't forget Ted!) to a bunch of fairies any day.

Interested in joining, or finding other fans of AB? Just follow the links at the top of the page to learn what you need to know. Any questions or suggestions, email them to me. I will do personalized clique designs that are in taste.

Enjoy your stay and don't forget to share the love and the linkage. Link back to me and I'll return the favor.

AB Quote of the Moment
" I hoped he was right, but one thing I've learned about vampires - they keep pulling new rabbits out of their cloaks. Big, fanged, carnivorous bunnies that'll eat your eyeballs if you're not paying attention."

Anita in Bloody Bones


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DISCLAIMER: I am in no way affiliated with Laurell K. Hamilton, her publishers, or editors. All characters and storylines are copyrighted by her. I am a fan.
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