Province of Alberta Societies Act

1. Article 1: Name
The name of the Society is "The Alberta Society of Pipers and Drummers."

2. Article 2: Purposes
The Society is a non-profit organization which shall:
a) Foster and preserve Bagpipe music and pipe band drumming in Alberta;
b) Encourage the study, practice and rendition of Bagpipe music and pipe 
band drumming in all its forms and with particular attention to the 
development of young players;
c) Promote understanding among the general public of the cultural 
significance of Bagpipe music and Pipe Band drumming;
d) Promote public interest in Bagpipe music and pipe band drumming by 
researching, recording and distributing information about the music;
e) Hold piping competitions for assessing and rewarding individual and 
group progress in the attainment of piping and drumming skills; and
f) Support kindred societies or groups organized for the purpose of 
promoting Bagpipe music and Pipe Band drumming.

3. Article 3: Philosophy
The Society shall be non-sectarian; non-racial; non-gender and 
non-partisan politically. This Article is unalterable. 

4. Article 4: No Gain
The Society shall be carried on without purposes of gain for 
its members and any other profits or accretions to the Society 
shall be used for promoting the purposes of the Society. This 
Article is unalterable. 

5. Article 5: Operations
The operations of the Society shall be carried on chiefly in Alberta.

6. Article 6: Winding Up
In the event of the winding up or of the dissolution of the Society, 
all the funds and assets of the Society remaining after the payment 
or satisfaction of all costs, charges, expenses, debts and liabilities 
of the Society, including the remuneration (if any) of a liquidator, 
and after payment to employees of the Society of any arrears of 
salaries or wages, and after the payment of any debts of the Society, 
shall be given, transferred and distributed to one or more such 
organizations that are registered societies with similar purposes 
within the Province of Alberta that shall be designated by the members 
of the Society at the time of the winding up or dissolution of the 

Dated the 11th day of May, 2000. 
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